Diary of an enthusiastic (and slightly terrible) runner.

Posted by Francesca Rutherford on Wednesday 10th October 2018

Diary of an enthusiastic (and slightly terrible) runner.

When training for a half marathon you are overloaded with training hints and tips from every direction. Whether that’s from your late-night googling sessions or the friendly advice from a seasoned professional. Although helpful, sometimes this tidal wave of information can be slightly confusing and possibly a bit overwhelming!

There are of course many things to consider - such as training programmes, breathing properly, the correct shoes and avoiding injury - but from the person that has all the gear and no idea, I think that the most important thing to consider is your motivation for attempting this feat!

So what is your motivation for this mammoth task? For some it maybe a fitness goal or to tick an item off their bucket list, but for others it may be to support a cause close to their heart. Whatever the motivation, running a half marathon can be a wonderful way to raise some money for charity.

So if you are up for a challenge and would like to support a charity, why not consider Ethiopiaid? We are a gold charity partner for the 2019 Bath Half Marathon, which means that we have 10 (9 remaining) spaces for willing volunteers. We welcome all abilities and would be thrilled to have you as part of the Ethiopiaid team! This is a very exciting event for us, as it is located right next to our office and we can’t wait to support our runners and help to create a really great event! Every runner will get lots of support from our team in the run-up to the event as well as some excellent cheerleaders (ahem…we'll do our best) on the day of the run!

If you choose to run for us, or support someone that does, your fundraising efforts would go a long way to support our charitable partners in Ethiopia. As a small charity we keep our running costs low so that we can really invest as much as possible into our projects. As you may know, if you are reading this, we are a charity that focuses on a number of areas that include: maternal health; changing attitudes towards harmful practices (such as FGM); assisting adults and children living with disabilities; providing quality education for all; treating preventable yet destructive diseases such as Noma; helping the elderly to live a dignified, secured and healthy life.

The minimum fundraising amount if you would like to join our running team is £200 but we will help you every step of the way! If you want to find out more, why not get in touch or have a further browse around our website and social media 

The run is on 17th March 2019 - use this link to register to join us.

Good luck with the training!

Volunteer Fundraising Assistant 

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