Dining Hall Project

Posted by Francesca Rutherford on Thursday 26th January 2017

We have been partnered with Hope Enterprises for over twenty years. They give street children and vulnerable young people a way out of poverty and the confidence for a better and brighter future. In 2016, in collaboration with Hope Enterprises, we achieved many successes:

  • 819 students passed exams across all Hope secondary school sites
  • 950 students provided with school lunches
  • 850 beneficiaries of the daily street children's breakfasts were served over 300,000 meals
  • 79,000 lunches served for destitute, children, teenagers, and adults

Most recently, Hope Enterprises have completed a new dining hall. Thanks to our generous supporters, Hope Enterprises have been able to feed the minds and stomachs of thousands of chidren and young people. Children in their schools are receiving a quality education, helping them to build the foundations for a prosperous future.

Earlier in 2016, our generous donors enabled us to respond to an urgent request to replace a dangerous and dilapidated dining hall at Hope's school in Addis Ababa. 

Before - the shed originally held poultry

The buildings had originally been poultry sheds, before a lack of space meant their re-appropriation as dining halls for the children. The buildings were cramped, dirty, and not fit for purpose - they needed replacing many years ago. Fortunately, Ethiopiaid were able to rpovide the school with the funds for two new purpose built dining halls for the whole school to use. 

Building started while the students were on summer holidays and we are pleased to report that they are now complete. Having a nutritious lunch in safe surroundings enables students to concentrate and ultimately achieve more. We are delighted with the completion of this project.

After - the finished result

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