International Youth Day

Posted by Francesca Rutherford on Saturday 12th August 2017

Today is International Youth Day, a day that recognises the issues affecting young people around the world and acknowledging the efforts, initiatives, collaborations and participation of young people in society. Countries in Africa tend to have a much higher percentage of young people than countries in Europe and North America, around 53% of Ethiopia’s population are under the age of 20 whereas this number is only 25% in the United States and 23% in the UK. This means that in Ethiopia the provision of education, training and health services for children and young people is vital for the country’s future. We work with a number of partners in Ethiopia who work to support children and young people gain the skills, experience and qualifications they need to be able to contribute to society and be self sufficient in the future.

Access to quality education is one of the major issues currently affecting Ethiopia’s youth population, even though efforts have been made by the government and improvements have been seen, Ethiopia still has one of the highest numbers of out-of-school children in the world. We have been working with Hope Enterprises for over 20 years, Hope provide quality, free education to hundreds of Ethiopian children every year, ensuring that those who would not otherwise be able to go to school receive the education they deserve. Hope Enterprises also run programmes such as the Street Children’s Breakfast that enables children who are forced to live on the street the chance to attend literacy and numeracy classes. Hope Enterprises also run vocational training programmes which allow young people the opportunity to gain valuable technical skills which should assist them in finding a job and able to support themselves for the future.

We also work closely with SENTigray, an organisation that supports children with visual impairments with their education. Recently SENTigray have been launching their Talking Textbook project, which allows visually impaired children the chance to despite their additional educational needs.

We think that by ensuring every child receives a quality education, they will become active and positive members of their communities and the leaders of tomorrow.

To read more about how we support children and young people, you can read about our projects here.

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