Gigi’s Story: “We see the world from a different angle.”

We would like to introduce you to Gigi, a 17 year old student currently in Grade 10 who studied at Mekele Blind School. Gigi wasn’t born blind. He contracted glaucoma as a small baby and, unfortunately, by the time his parents understood what had happened, it had become incurable. Gigi told us how, “It was […]

How Life Changing Can a Fistula Operation Be?

Have you ever read our stories and wondered what happens to the patients once they’re cured? The story below is an incredibly inspiring example of the redemptive work at Hamlin Fistula Hospital… Her Journey Mamitu was married at 14. Her husband was 25 and, although the marriage was arranged, her husband was kind and would […]

Meet Hindiya, a Hamlin Midwife

Catherine Hamlin opened the Hamlin College of Midwives in 2007. Her goal is to train enough midwives for every village in rural Ethiopia, prevent fistula injuries and bring an end to obstetric fistula forever. One such woman enrolled in the college is Hindiya. Hindiya is a Hamlin Midwife working in a rural health clinic. She […]

Solomon’s story

32 year old Solomon has multiple disabilities and lives at home with his mother, Atsede. His clean and carefully decorated home is located down a narrow side street of a busy town in Amhara.  Solomon’s mobility issues mean he cannot get around on his own and his mother has to carry him.  Every day he […]

An ambassador for skilled midwives

Sindayo turned a devastating injury into an opportunity to help other Ethiopian women… “I need to do more to convince mothers to deliver at a health centre. Sindayo is a great communicator. Unlike many Ethiopian women, she was fortunate enough to complete higher education. But she hasn’t always been lucky in life. The labour of […]

Ayantu’s career in code

Hope College of Business, Science & Technology opened up life-changing opportunities for Ayantu, and she hasn’t looked back… “After graduation, Ayantu plans to become a computer programmer.” Ayantu loves coding. She expects to graduate from her IT course later this year, hopefully in July with the rest of her school friends. Ayantu is 22 years […]