Aslefch Belyenhe

Aslefch Belyenhe

Aslefch is 90 years old, and has been with our partner the Destitute Elders Welfare and Development Association (DEWADA) for over 15 years. Unfortunately, both her husband and son have died and she has felt very sad living her life without them. She had little means to support herself and felt desperately alone. Before she connected with DEWADA, Aslefch was working as a domestic servant but had to give that up due to her back stoop and considerable pain.

Aslefch lives in a small house, made entirely of corrugated iron. She has lived there for over thirty years. It is dark and smoky inside, but she has arranged her possessions nicely and roasts coffee beans for her guests and friends. Thanks to the pension scheme DEWADA provides, Aslefch has been able to make repairs to her roof and buy some more luxurious items – face oil for her skin, which she says is very dry.

This is all thanks to DEWADA and Ethiopiaid’s pension support. Her regular visits from project Messih have also made her feel less alone; they have a very good relationship, laughing and joking with one another. Aslefch is very grateful for this company and for the support that DEWADA provides. Her elderly years would have been very different without it.

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