In 2009, Omo Child rescued Terefe. At the time, he was living in the Bena tribe; he was two years old when he was rescued.

During this time, the Bena tribe was split in half; part of the tribe wanted to end the mingi killings in their community, while the other part was intent of keeping the tradition. Terefe was allowed to live amongst his community until the two sides of the Bena community came to an agreement. However, he was forced to survive on a small amount of food for, what we estimate as, one year. When Omo Child found him, he was extremely dehydrated, thin, and suffering.

The co-founder of Omo Child, Lale Labuko, brought Terefehome to Jinka, where the other Omo Child children live, and admitted him to the Jinka hospital immediately. He was very sick and received treatment for extreme illness and starvation.  He started to gain weight and today is a healthy and happy young boy. Omo Child takes pride in Terefe’s story — in his ability to fully recover after a lifetime of neglect.

Today, Terefe is the jokester of the Omo Child home, often poking and tickling the other children to make them laugh. He works hard in school and is a favorite of his teachers for his sense of humor. Omo Child is working hard to provide educational opportunities for every single child as they continue to grow and develop to match their academic abilities. Educational opportunities are not easily obtained in Ethiopia, especially in more rural areas such as Jinka. However, Omo Child is prioritizing education for their children. They will be the leaders of their communities and of their nation. This generation will put a stop to the Mingi practice for once and for all. 


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