Transforming lives in Ethiopia

Frah will never forget .

Frah will never forget .

Help girls like Frah rewrite the story of period poverty. Donate just £3 a month.

A period shouldn't stop a girl's education. You can help ensure it doesn't.

In some regions of Ethiopia, 98% of girls lack access to sanitary products.
They are expensive and difficult to find. Girls are forced to use whatever materials are available such as grass, leaves, old rags or nothing at all.

Help rewrite the stories of so many by donating online today.

What’s included in a Dignity Period Sanitary pack?

Just £3 a month can buy a reusable pack for a girl in Ethiopia.

Watch the video to understand what your donation buys and how it will rewrite the story for girls in Ethiopia.

Help us rewrite period dignity stories for more girls like Frah.
Donate just £3 a month.


Girls are being denied a future but as little as £3 a month can change that

“I was in school the first time… I didn’t know what was happening and I stained my dress. Everyone stared at me and the boys started to tease me. It felt like I had done something bad. I was so embarrassed I ran straight home but the boys followed me and started shouting and taunting.”

Introducing Dignity Period’s Freweini Mebrahtu

“I want to tell you about a problem I’ve dedicated my life to solving. Girls are losing their futures due to an everyday bodily process. Periods. My story begins with my first period…”
Freweini Mebrahtu - Square
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