Families are .

Families are .

Currently 38,000 people are counting on us for food for their families and care of their livestock. Lives are at risk.

Please help to change this.

Help us raise £100,000 to support isolated families through this crisis.

Plagues of locusts have devastated hundreds of thousands of hectares of vegetation in Ethiopia, destroying crops and livestock pasture in four regions, including Afar where our partner, the Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA), works. This destruction will only worsen: it is estimated that these locust swarms will increase 500 times in size by June.

Because of your support and Ethiopiaid’s small and agile nature, we have been able to quickly respond to APDA’s reports and send critical funding. However this is an unprecedented crisis, which is worsening daily, and now compounded by COVID-19 – we urgently need to raise more.

Read the report from our partner in the field here.

Please make a donation today and help us save lives.

What £100,000 will enable us to do.

Health workers travel huge distances on foot for up to 15 days at a time. They visit households to conduct nutrition surveillance, treating those identified with malnutrition and advising on hygiene and disease prevention.

In just 15 days one health worker can reach and treat 150 severely malnourished and vulnerable people.

Human nutrition

  • Distribute 67,500kg of Fammax to the most malnourished and vulnerable
  • Distribute 9,000kg of sugar to households
  • Provide 25 health workers to dedicated nutrition assessment
  • Support the distribution of government oil and wheat rations

Veterinary provision

  • Deliver 10 days of awareness raising training on available livestock treatment
  • Distribute 25,000 veterinary medicine kits
  • Transport 25 truckloads of supplementary fodder for animals

As the locust emergency in Ethiopia develops, we’ve put together five FAQs to help you understand more about just how devastating and life-threatening this crisis is.

These locusts are causing farmers to lose up to 100% of their grain. This is just one of eight facts you need to know about locusts and the crisis in Ethiopia.