Let the hope of light shine in

Let the hope of light shine in

The voices of women and girls, their education, their consent and reproductive rights – are all fundamental in making devastating fistula injuries history.

Our vision for an Ethiopia without fistula

When a patient enters an examination room, it is not difficult for the surgeon to diagnose when a woman suffers from obstetric fistula. Their petite build, the clothes soaked with urine, the smell that engulfs the room, their shyness to be examined and the sadness on their face. You can feel how much they suffer.

We know that we cannot treat fistula in isolation. It is important to treat the whole patient, both physically and mentally, by providing rehabilitation and reintegration, and preventing the causes is essential.

Ache sustained her obstetric fistula injury giving birth to her stillborn baby and lived the next three decades of her life ashamed to tell anyone of her problem. 
The last 18 months have brought numerous challenges. Your committed support has enabled our maternal health partners, and all our other Ethiopian programmes, to continue their vital work.   
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